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President's Message

Fran Rothstein

Get ready for a busy summer.  PACE co-chairs Barbara Noveau and Nancy J. Walker, former president Carole Brand, and I met with MDDEMs Chair Kathleen Matthews and Lieutenant Governor nominee Susie Turnbull to brainstorm about how WDC can help the Party win in November.  Key points:

  • It’s a summer ON, not a summer OFF.  
  • The message:  Democrats are united behind our nominees, with the emphasis shifting from “Get Hogan Out” (negative) to “Elect Jealous” (positive), with all the reasons for doing so.
  • The Coordinated Campaign will be up and running within a few weeks, with offices across the state.
  • The Coordinated Campaign will focus not just on the statewide races (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, US Senate) but also on key House districts (e.g., CD 1 & CD 6).
  • Blue Wave Blowout Rally tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoon, September 15.

BLUE WAVEs are made of ballots

It's time to elect our Maryland Democratic nominees for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate, State Assembly, County Executive, and many more.  

Sign up to participate with WDC's Political Activism and Civic Engagement (PACE) Committee as we jump in fully with canvasses, phone banks, texting, and postcard events to be part of the November BIG BLUE WAVE.  

Our work in Maryland will support the Maryland Democratic Party's Coordinated Campaign, which is putting together plans now.  We expect to have Maryland events on the calendar in August, even more in September, and then a very busy October. 

Let us know if you would like to host a phone bank, text or postcard event, or canvass in MoCo or elsewhere in Maryland.  Questions: don't hesitate to contact PACE Co-Chairs Barbara Noveau or Nancy J. Walker. The Sign-Up form is assembled by our partners, the J Walkers Action Group and Do The Most Good MoCo, which allows us to unify our work more effectively and efficiently.

We agree with Kathleen Matthews that we must unite behind our Democratic Candidates.  Let's get to work!  Join PACE and sign up to be part of the the Big Blue Wave.

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